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Customizing The Largest Polycarbonate Enclosure

April 14, 2014   Integra’s Genesis Line includes the largest polycarbonate enclosure on the market. This... More »

Hazards of Fiberglass

February 06, 2014 Lung Complications, Itchy Throat, Nose Bleeds, Skin Rashes –   The Real Hazards of Fiberglas... More »

Integra NEMA Enclosures

Integra Enclosures manufactures and markets engineered thermoplastic electrical enclosures designed for use in electrical construction, water treatment, car wash, telecommunication, instrumentation, utility, machine building, HVAC, or any other application requiring enclosures which are non-corrosive, non-conductive, easy to install and modify, and competitively priced. Learn more about NEMA Enclosure Types.


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Integra Enclosures Teams Up With The World’s Biggest Machine

December 13, 2013 For 91% of American adults, day-to-day life is overwhelming, with a plethora of notifications for new text messages, tweets keeping them connected. More »

Integra Enclosures® Dives Into Underwater Robotics

October 01, 2013 Protecting delicate electrical mechanics in diverse environments is our main objective. When a group of young adults worked together and constructed an innovative, remotely operated vehicle from scratch, Integra’s polycarbonate boxes were the best solution. More »

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