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How Weatherproof Enclosures Stand Up to the Most Demanding Applications



February 1st, 2016

What’s it take to make an enclosure truly “weatherproof?” It’s not a designation the engineers at Integra take lightly.
NEMA enclosures are available in more than 20 standard types to meet a wide variety of needs across a range of industries. NEMA types are numerical, but a higher number does not necessarily mean “better” – especially with respect to how weatherproof an enclosure is. So while a number of grades may give the impression of sufficient weather resistance, Integra...

Leak Prevention Features in Waterproof Junction Boxes

Integra Enclosures


December 30th, 2013


Enclosures are built to protect. A superior enclosure design can be the difference between a smooth operating day and a catastrophic day in a marine environment, water treatment facility or other outdoor setting where water is involved. Equipment malfunctions can cost a company thousands of dollars and delay important projects. Waterproof junction boxes serve as an essential piece in an industrial setting by housing the electrical components that keep things running. Integra Enclosures®...

Watertight Enclosures Designed For Sealed Perfection

Integra Enclosures


November 26th, 2013


Having a watertight enclosure is essential for companies that have electronics housed in remote locations outdoors or submerged under water. Outdoor enclosures must repel dripping water, rain, snow and sleet that could potentially leak inside. Even greater demands are placed on enclosures designed for submersion for extended periods of time. Integra Enclosures® has built an exceptional nautical enclosure, as...

Integra’s Genesis 24x24x10 Opens New Doors in the Water & Wastewater Treatment Industry

Integra Enclosures


April 15th, 2013


A relatively new Integra customer, a leading control systems integrator and maker of remote terminal units (RTUs) for water distribution and wastewater treatment, has adopted the Genesis 24X24X10 as its go-to enclosure—replacing fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum.


The customer likes polycarbonate for the usual reasons: