Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included with a standard Integra enclosure?
A: Each enclosure is shipped assembled with the base, cover with the gasket installed with four threaded inserts on the back of the base, four for cover attachment, and four for back panel attachment. Also included is a packet with four mounting feet and four mounting feet screws.

Q: Are the enclosures watertight (NEMA 4)?
A: Yes. All Integra enclosures are NEMA 4X. As opposed to many competitors’ products, Integra enclosures are 4X with latches only or with two screws (in the case of a hinged cover).

Q: What colors are available?
A: Standard colors are matte grey for the JIC Line, semi-gloss black for the Telecom Line, and gloss grey for the Premium Line. Custom molded color is available. Call for a quote.

Q: Are the enclosures UL-listed? How about Canada?
A: Premium Line and JIC Line enclosures are listed as UL-50, Cabinet and Cutout Boxes. Our file number is E207562. Per UL, UL-50 is a more stringent standard than UL-508, which is widely referenced by other manufacturers. Integra is also C-UL Listed for use in Canada and we are Marine Listed for coastal or marina applications.

Q: I notice that the covers and sidewalls are not flat. Why is that, and does the shaping preclude the installation of hubs and components?
A: The covers and sidewalls of all Integra enclosures are slightly convex. This was done to ensure that the covers and the base will resist warping, which is a problem that plagues non-metallic “flat” enclosures. A warped cover or base will not seal properly, and watertightness fails as a result. Another benefit of the shaping is to provide a stronger box. Therefore standard hubs and components can be installed and seated on the surfaces of the enclosure, using standard gaskets.

Q: Are modifications available?
A: Yes, modifications such as machined holes or slots are available. Integra can also provide latch installation, DIN-rail installation, or back panel installation. We can also provide EMI/RFI shielding. Please contact us with your requirements.

Q: Are back panels available from Integra?
A: Yes, we offer back panels in coated steel, bare aluminum and polycarbonate.

Q: If I use DIN-rail mounted components, will I need a back panel?
A: Probably not. All Integra enclosures feature molded-in mounting bosses on the bottom of the enclosure at intervals of approximately 1 inch, located around the entire perimeter of the enclosure. This allows you to install DIN rails at virtually any location, avoiding the need and expense of a back panel.

Q: How does the Integra Back Panel Adjustment System work?
A: The Integra Back Panel Adjustment System consists of four mounting pads that slide on T-shaped rails molded into the four corners of the enclosure base. The mounting pads, which are provided with brass threaded inserts for panel attachment, are held in place by inserting a set screw. The set screw, which can be adjusted with the back panel in place, is inserted into a channel in the mounting pad which causes the set screw to engage with the T-rail, providing a positive attachment. The kit includes four mounting pads, eight set screws, an allen wrench, four back panel attachment screws, and an instruction sheet. (PN’s BPAKG and BPAKB)

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