Marine NEMA Enclosures


Whether on a ship, at the port or in a marina, electrical and electronic components require enclosures that can protect them from the elements. Integra Enclosure®’s weatherproof enclosures guard the apparatuses inside with leak protection and complete shielding. In a marine environment, you not only have to protect the devices housed within, but you also need the enclosure to stand tough on its own.

Integra enclosures are a perfect match for the temporarily submerged and wet environments found in the marine industry. Their durable polycarbonate composition means corrosion is simply impossible.  Over time, a metal enclosure tends to deteriorate and rust when constantly exposed to water, but the polycarbonate used in Integra’s enclosures is not only unaffected by the marine environment, it also tends to outlast the devices the enclosures are assigned to protect.

These polycarbonate enclosures have all been through rigorous testing and have passed with flying colors in the following benchmarks:

  • International IP and NEMA standards for performance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Strong impact ratings
  • UV properties
  • UL/cUL standards
  • RoHS standards
  • Atex standards

When you are put out to sea, we want to help house some of your most precious cargo. In addition to our faultless protection against the elements, we also offer numerous of customization options for your enclosure and installation. From personalized screen-printing and cutouts to windows and a range of sizes, we tailor each enclosure to your specific needs.  Read Integra’s case study on how one of our enclosures overcame obstacles to underwater research, or contact us for more information on our marine-friendly housing solutions.

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