Waste Water NEMA Enclosures


We know that Integra safeguards equipment from ship to shore in the marine industry, but Integra can also handle other forms of water exposure. Whether it is rainstorms, involuntary contact in wastewater industries or full submersion, Integra enclosures can turn back all levels of water intrusion.

Tough enclosures are one of the heroes in the wastewater industry especially, and Integra is always saving the day. In a commonly wet and damp work environment, water is constantly being treated, moved, reused and distributed to a new location, and coming into contact with the enclosures that protect the sensitive equipment that makes operations possible.

Wastewater is generally defined as water that has been altered, impacted or contaminated by humans.  However, wastewater refers not only to sewage, but also to industrial waste, urban rainfall, storm drains and industrial site drainage as well. Because Integra uses polycarbonate, the enclosures will not corrode due to water or various other substances that could be embedded in the water.

The leak detection and tightly locked design keep all of the water out and prevent damage that could shut down a workday. Looking to make an investment in a reliable enclosure for your wastewater environment? Contact us for more information or browse Integra Enclosures products today.

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