Wastewater NEMA Enclosures

wastewater treatment plant


We know that Integra safeguards equipment from ship to shore in the marine industry, but Integra can also handle other forms of water exposure. Whether your concerned with environmental conditions, dripping and splashing water, or contact with wastewater contaminants, our enclosures are built for the job.

Our NEMA 6P and 4X rated polycarbonate enclosures are designed to handle temporary submersion, spray downs, dripping water, rain, sleet, and snow exposure. Additionally, Integra enclosures are corrosion resistant and can hold up to moderate chemical exposure.

Aside from the high-quality polycarbonate material, Integra enclosures also offers a remote terminal unit system to monitor an enclosure’s condition in remote locations. With logical controllers embedded in the RTU systems, customers are able to view various elements and the environment the enclosures are bared to. Reports are submitted to the client’s office laptop, tablet, computer or mobile device—being able to detect potential equipment glitches can save time and money.

We have various size enclosures, but the largest polycarbonate enclosure, Genesis 24X24X10, is especially popular in the water and wastewater treatment industry. The leak detection and tightly locked design keep all of the water out and prevent damage that could shut down a workday. Looking to make an investment in a reliable enclosure for your wastewater environment? Contact us for more information or browse Integra Enclosures products today.

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