Customizing The Largest Polycarbonate Enclosure


Integra’s Genesis Line includes the largest polycarbonate enclosure on the market. This enclosure represents the best large-sized non-metallic enclosures available. The 24X24X10 Genesis polycarbonate enclosure is customizable to fit your needs. The ease of making modifications to the Genesis Line makes it unique and perfect for applications and uses in many different industries and settings. The 100% polycarbonate material of the Genesis Line is known for its high impact resistance. It is also lightweight, cost efficient and recyclable. But, the largest advantage of the polycarbonate enclosure is that it is quick and easy to modify the structure.


The small features make the Genesis Line even more versatile. These individual pieces allow you to customize the enclosure to fit your needs and requirements.


Latch Options


Latches allow you to keep the enclosure closed. However, you may want added security for these enclosures or may need a specific type of latch, which is why the Genesis Line offers three different latch types: the three-point latch, the quarter-turn latch and the non-metallic latch. You have the ability to choose which latch will work best for your enclosure application, whether the focus is on keeping your enclosure secure or making it easy to open.


Mounting Panels


There are mounting panels available for every surface of the enclosure. You can mount a panel to the inside of the enclosure cover and also to the sides. The addition of mounting panels within the enclosure allows you to use all of the space inside the enclosure, making the most of this large space.


Additional Modifications


The Genesis Line enclosures can be modified by Integra to fit within any specifications. This includes machining holes for displays, cable connectors, multi pin connectors, antennae and more. These modifications are custom and make the Genesis enclosure unique for your needs. If you’re interested in making custom modifications, please call us to discuss your options.


The Genesis Line 24X24X10 enclosure and the rigid full piano hinge swing panel are both available in light gray and also in a new clear finish. Contact an Integra associate to discuss the largest polycarbonate enclosure in the Genesis Line and how using this new line of products is perfect for many outdoor applications.

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