Don’t Overlook the Advantages of Non-Metallic Enclosures


Stainless steel has a nice, polished appearance and a sleek look. It has proven itself to be a strong protective force in the enclosure industry, but there is a new kid on the block. The exclusively polycarbonate enclosures from Integra Enclosures’© have proven to be heavy hitters in the battle of the boxes. The advantages of non-metallic enclosures are often overlooked as companies automatically choose a traditional metal enclosure, but can you really afford to ignore a better alternative?

Can Take a Hit

An enclosure’s longevity determines your company’s overall cost, but the lifetime of the enclosure is determined by its ability to stand up to the environment and continue performing its mission of protecting critical components. The polycarbonate body of Integra enclosures can withstand impact significantly better than metallic enclosures. We have put our enclosures to the test and are confident they will remain intact in the face of harsh outdoor conditions, unpredictable weather and the damaging effects of water and marine environments. Our enclosures are also full of smart design that you won’t find from competing suppliers.

  • Integra Panel Suspension System® allows endless ranges of panel motion within the enclosure
  • T-Rail Panel Suspension System® permits individual mounting panels to adjust to any desired height within the enclosure
  • Impact face plate and impact swing panel kits can be installed in just three easy steps
  • Multi-Max Rail System® provides infinite mounting options to create a completely customized three-dimensional space within the enclosure

Even more customization options are available through the in-house accessories, advanced options and parts available for your enclosure before you even take delivery.

Modify, Modify, Modify

Each enclosure has a different mission and so the ability to make modifications is essential. We complete all modifications before shipping and, if needed, additional modifications in the field are made easier by the polycarbonate material. One of the advantages of non-metallic enclosures is how easily the material can be altered. During manufacturing, we are able to drill holes, install CNC-machined cut outs, add silk screens or graphic panels and fulfill other unique requests. Metallic materials are much more resistant to drilling. The ease of making modifications and the smooth surface left behind after working with the polycarbonate material improves appearance and saves money for our customers.

Light as a Feather

If you are accustomed to metallic enclosures, you may take for granted how heavy they are. The non-metallic enclosures from Integra are six times lighter than stainless steel, however, and that’s a change you will definitely notice when you make the switch. Using a lighter enclosure makes one-man installation possible, reducing your labor costs. A company can also save money on shipping costs.


Having considered some of the advantages of non-metallic enclosures, can you really afford to overlook these benefits? Our winning product line is a leading competitor in the industry, and we’d love to bring you into the winner’s circle. Talk to an Integra Enclosures representative today and find out how our enclosures can be the right solution for your needs.

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