Enclosure Customization

Enclosures are much more than just “boxes.” The capabilities, advantages and structure designs embodied in an Integra enclosure offer clients reliability, ease of use, functionality and, most importantly, customization. Each enclosure that we create serves a specific industry or application, and each is different. We honor your uniqueness and work with you to address any customization needs required for your application and work environment. What customization offerings do we provide? Read on to learn about how your enclosures can be customized.

One size does not fit all. You may need holes machined into your enclosure for cables, cable connectors, displays, multi-pin connectors, antennae and more. Whatever the case, we discuss, design and execute all modifications for your enclosure application requirements.

We have a variety of latches available for our enclosures, and our Genesis product line, which includes our largest polycarbonate enclosures to date, has a total of three latch options: three-point latch, quarter-turn latch and non-metallic latch. All of these varieties give you the ability to identify whether you need a secure latch choice or an easy-to-open latch choice.

Exterior Mounting Possibilities (pole-mount kit, mounting feet and flange kits) Move mounting panels and swing out panels to “interior mounting options”
Having the freedom to decide where your enclosure can be located within your facilities is an advantage that often gets overlooked until installation occurs. With our mounting possibilities, you are able to place your enclosure virtually anywhere, as well as apply mounting accessories to your enclosure. We carry pole-mounting kits, mounting feet and flange kits.

Vent and Fan Shroud Kits
Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures can withstand various elements, climates and environments. The vent and fan shroud kits we offer can provide additional protection for the components inside to ensure they are not compromised.

Interior Mounting Options (Back Panel Adjustment Kits, mounting panels, swing-out panels)
Back panel adjustment kits eliminate the need for stand-offs and make the possibility of multiple panels a reality. In the kit are four mounting pads, eight set screws, an Allen wrench, instruction sheet and four back panel attachment screws. The four mounting pads attach to four T-shaped rails in the corners of the enclosure’s base. The provided set screws keep the mounting pads in place and can be adjusted with the back panel in place.

Sometimes, we need a little additional help keeping all the elements within an enclosure a little better organized. We offer cord grips and DIN rails for this exact reason.

Branding Customization
Finally, we give our clients customization options that serve creative and branding purposes. Custom colors may be appropriate for a sporting stadium environment. For those special projects, we evaluate the color and deliver a quote to our clients. Also, we can customize your enclosures by applying your company’s logo with a silk screen process.

Each enclosure comes assembled with a base, cover – gasket fully installed – and a package of four mounting feet and screws. We know that each enclosure application is unique and requires a variety of customization options. That is why Integra offers so many customization choices for our clients to choose from. To hear about our customization options in more detail, contact us with your project specifications to obtain a quote. Let’s get started on making the best enclosure for you.

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