Impact vs Premium Line Polycarbonate Enclosures

We’ve compiled this list of key differences between our Premium and Impact lines of polycarbonate enclosures for the next time you specify.

If you’ve already been considering Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures for purchase, you may have run in to two names of our core product lines: Impact and Premium (and maybe also “Genesis,” but more on that later). You might be wondering, then, which line will better serve your needs? We sell plenty of both product lines, and what might be subtle differences at first can actually make a dramatic difference depending on your enclosure application.


Both product lines use polycarbonate as the base material for all enclosures. The outstanding impact resistance and wide temperature range Integra touts will be present in every model. All enclosure model’s offered have a NEMA Type 4X (IP66) rating with NEMA 6P (IP86) models available for increased protection. All enclosures are packaged one-unit-per-carton by default for the most reliable delivery.

Differences between our Impact and Premium line enclosures include the size availability, integrated enclosure options and product accessories. Our Premium line enclosures offer the largest range of options including size, accessories and customization.

  • Premium line enclosures are available in the following sizes: 6x6x4, 8x6x4, 8x8x4, 10x8x2, 10x8X4, 10x8x6, 12x10x4, 12x10x6, 14x12x6, 16x14x7, and 18x16x10.
  • Impact line enclosures are available in the following sizes: 6x6x3, 8x6x3, 9x8x2, and 10x8x6.
    Additional differences lie in the construction of the elements that make up an enclosure – the hinges, flanges, latches, face plates and panels which are critical to an enclosure’s functionality.
  • The Impact line offers a “low profile hinge” option that gives the enclosure a more streamlined look (though it is not removable). Both lines feature a standard “EZ Hinge” which can be completely removed and replaced as necessary.
  • The mounting flanges of Impact line enclosures are fully integrated – which is to say that rather than by affixing feet or flanges, the flanges are molded into the enclosure.
  • Similarly, the Impact line offers an integrated latch as an option. This makes it possible to purchase a fully non-metallic enclosure – unnecessary to some, crucial to others.
  • The convenient Advanced Face Plate and Advanced Swing Panel Systems, which allow full installation with a few quick turns of screws, is available only on the 6x6x3 and 8x6x3 Impact line enclosures.

This is really just the beginning of the variables to consider when discussing our enclosures. Our Genesis line enclosure, which marks our entrance into medium-size enclosures, offers even more range and configuration capabilities.

We hope this comparison has been helpful during your selection process, but if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 440-220-5795, or use our online contact form. We’ll help you quickly and correctly specify the right product line, size, model and customization options for your application.

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