Infographic: The Battles of the Boxes

How polycarbonate enclosures stack up against fiberglass and stainless steel

Have you seen our infographic explaining the differences between Integra polycarbonate enclosures and boxes made from other materials? The difference is simple: only polycarbonate allows the combination of versatility, durability and cost effectiveness that industries desire for their applications. Choose from one of our main product lines, and customize with accessories as you see fit. With the added benefits of being both eco-friendly and made in the USA, we believe our product is the clear leader in its market.

Take a look at our infographic below for a broad overview of the key points where Integra enclosures excel, but if you need additional information or would like to move forward in the ordering process, please don’t hesitate us to contact us online or give our team a call at (440) 220-5795.

View our infographic

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