Integra Thinks Outside the Box

A Brand-New Solution to the US Market

We have exciting news!  Integra has just released the newest addition to our Genesis line:  a 24x24x10 enclosure product!  We are very excited because with this new addition, we are the industry leaders of the US market:  we are the first to release a product of this kind and specification here in the US.

There has been a growing demand for larger enclosure options, specifically among remote monitoring and energy industries, and Integra has worked to be the first to respond to this demand.


Jim McWilliams, Integra president, explains why we have added the new 24x24x10 enclosure products.  “We pride ourselves on staying in touch with our customers and knowing the demands of their industries, and we are constantly exploring how we can serve our customers better.”

Some of the standout features of the new 24x24x10 enclosures:

  • -High-impact, UV-resistant polycarbonate materials
  • -Flexible interior mounting, using Integra’s patented adjustable swing panel mounting system
  • -Multiple bosses on the product allow for easy installation of devices and DIN rails

President McWilliams also said that Integra will continue to work to offer more exciting and innovative products as new needs arise.

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