Leak Prevention Features in Waterproof Junction Boxes


Enclosures are built to protect. A superior enclosure design can be the difference between a smooth operating day and a catastrophic day in a marine environment, water treatment facility or other outdoor setting where water is involved. Equipment malfunctions can cost a company thousands of dollars and delay important projects. Waterproof junction boxes serve as an essential piece in an industrial setting by housing the electrical components that keep things running. Integra Enclosures® incorporates various leak-prevention features in their enclosures, and recognizing these elements could make your next purchasing decision easier.

Just Checking In


Imagine having another set of eyes at your wastewater treatment plant to help monitor things. Remote terminal, or telemetry, units (RTU) are specially programmed to observe pump flows and tank levels within your water distribution systems or lift stations and monitor how the two measurements change during fluid transfer amongst assorted elevations. The reliable data gathered by the RTUs allow operators to focus on other tasks that require their attention. Also, some RTUs, such as Integra’s, efficiently deliver the data to an office laptop, mobile device, tablet or other computer. Based on the patterns, a facility’s central supervisory control and data acquisition system will be able to use the information to detect equipment malfunctions early. This saves time and money.


Strong Defense


Waterproof junction boxes need a strong defense, and that starts with the material. Enclosures are typically constructed of sleek stainless steel or thick fiberglass. However, Integra has traveled down the unbeaten path and gone with a different material that’s a true contender – polycarbonate. The NEMA-rated approved substance is ideal for prolonged submersion, shedding rainfall and withstanding other exposure to water that could otherwise cause corrosion, leakage and overall damage to electrical equipment. Although polycarbonate is lighter than fiberglass and stainless steel, it is more durable, with a higher tensile strength and impact resistance that is four times higher.


Before putting your electrical equipment out into the harsh environments of the world, make sure the waterproof junction boxes that protect it possess all the features that are essential to maintain a smooth operation. Integra’s engineers are committed to producing the best enclosures and we’re here to answer all the tough questions. Contact an Integra associate today for answers.


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