Polycarbonate Enclosures Stand Up to Outdoor Environmental Abuse

Integra Enclosures make customer a believer for the long haul

Since becoming an Integra Enclosures customer 15 years ago, Bob Cowen, President of Controls, Inc. of Medina, Ohio, has been convinced over and over that Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures stand up to the unrelenting environmental stresses common in outdoor applications for his company’s electronic control units—like impact, water and sun.


“With Integra enclosures, we know that we will get better longevity out of our products, and our customers get a better experience because of the protection,” he says.


Our enclosures typically outlast the lifetime of Bob’s electronic components. Some have been going strong since the beginning 15 years ago.


Controls, Inc. commonly uses our polycarbonate enclosures for oil and gas, construction, chemical, manufacturing, refining, agricultural irrigation, marine propulsion, marine power generation and wastewater treatment applications.
When control units come back to Controls, Inc. for service they show signs of abuse. “They’re muddy, they’ve been submerged, they’ve been driven over, and the units on vehicles get used as a step to climb up into the equipment….the Integra enclosure makes a pretty good step.”


Bob also counts on them to resist the violent vibrations of 600- to 700-horsepower rock crushers that tear up roads—“one of the highest vibration operations in our line of work.”


In isolated areas, Integra polycarbonate enclosures have on occasion taken a bullet to protect Controls, Inc.’s electronic boards.
“Maybe not a high-caliber bullet, but a .22,” Bob says.


Early on in his working relationship with Integra, Bob even put one of our enclosures to the test with his half-ton pickup truck.

He was driven to that act by a customer who point-blank shot down his recommendation to use one of our polycarbonate enclosures for the control units he was buying. The customer derided Bob’s recommendation—our enclosures—as “those plastic boxes.”


So, Bob got in his truck and backed it up—over an Integra enclosure.


You ask, did he feel better after that?


Well, actually, he convinced himself as much as his skeptical customer that Integra enclosures are up to most any impact or task. After he drove the truck off it, he got out and examined the “plastic box.” He couldn’t find the slightest crack on it.

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