Leak Protected and Waterproof Enclosures

Marine and water are two of the most significant industries interested in waterproof and leak protected enclosures. From a young age, majority of us are taught that water and electrical devices do not play well with each other. Enclosures house delicate electrical components that make production and operations possible, and if these boxes were ever intruded with water or damp environments, things would come to a stand still. Risking thousands of dollars in water damage and equipment malfunctions could really hurt a company, so how does Integra keep the floods from coming in?

Polycarbonate enclosures are NEMA 6P and 4X rated, approved and are ideal for submersion, rainfall, dripping water, rain, sleet, and snow exposure. Additionally to water exposure, Integra is corrosion and leakage resistant as well.

Aside from the high quality polycarbonate material, Integra enclosures also offer a remote terminal unit system to monitor an enclosure’s condition in remote locations. With logical controllers embedded in the RTU systems, customers are able to view various elements and the environment the enclosures are bared to. Reports are submitted to the client’s office laptop, tablet, computer or mobile device—being able to detect potential equipment glitches can save time and money.

We have various size enclosures, but the largest polycarbonate enclosure, Genesis 24X24X10, is especially popular in the water and wastewater treatment industry. Integra has also proven its underwater strengths in the underwater robotics trials. Whichever water industry or application most applies to you, Integra can weather the storm. Contact an Integra Enclosures’ representative to see how Integra can fit into your work environment.

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