Premium Enclosures Overview

Integra’s Premium polycarbonate line enclosures are among the most durable, aesthetically pleasing, non-metallic Nema UL-rated enclosures available.

Polycarbonate is known for its high impact resistance, heat resistance and stability, making it the perfect material for Integra Premium enclosures. Its ability to maintain tensile strength over a temperature range from -40°F to 265°F is better for demanding, outdoor applications than other non-metallic materials.

Integra Premium line enclosures come in sixteen standard configurations with hinged or non-hinged lids, two-screw, four-screw or stainless steel metal-latched lids. The standard color for Integra Premium enclosures is light-gray with a gloss finish and include either a matching light-gray or clear cover made of high-impact, UV-resistant polycarbonate.

Integra’s standard EZ Hinges allow for easy door removal or replacement while permitting a full 225-degree door swing. The “HL” Premium enclosures include stainless steel latches that are bolted in place for a more secure system than pop rivets or slide-on latches.

Premium enclosures include an option for the T-Rail Panel Suspension System. This system includes brackets that attach to T-Rails, allowing for an individual panel to be mounted at any height in the enclosure, or to have multiple back panels at different heights. All Premium line enclosures have extra mounting bosses molded into the rear wall to permit #10 self-tapping screws to secure a DIN rail, circuit board, or any other device component into the enclosure.

Full modification services are available at Integra, including:

  • Machining holes for displays
  • Cable connectors
  • Multi-pin connectors
  • Custom colors
  • Back panels
  • Silk screening
  • Sub assembly of your product,
  • Any other tailoring or customization you might need of a product

Premium line enclosures can be paired with a variety of Integra accessories to support your installation needs and uses. To ensure safe delivery of your order, standard packaging is one unit per carton. If you have any special shipping requirements, Integra will work to meet your needs.

These eco-friendly, and made-in-the-USA enclosures feature the best materials and a variety of options and accessories to meet your needs. From the extremely versatile mounting options inside the enclosure, to having the most off-the-shelf accessories, Integra Premium line enclosures provide great value to any application. To learn more about our Premium enclosures, or to begin an order, call Integra at (440) 220-5795 or visit Integra online.

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