When we tell potential customers about our enclosures, one of the product benefits we mention is that our enclosures are UL-Listed.  What exactly is a UL-listing? And why is this important?

This post explains!


UL stands for the Underwriters Laboratory, a leading independent safety standards organization that provides the testing and guidelines for a wide spectrum of products. UL has created a distinct category to define electrical
enclosure environmental ratings: UL 50.


What is UL-50?

Any electrical equipment enclosure manufacturer should be UL-listed and undergo regular inspections to ensure the products are meeting the safety standards spelled out under UL 50.


In broad terms, UL 50 standard tests fall into three main segments for boxes:

  • Resistance to common industrial corrosive agents
  • Suitability for drilling holes for conduit or mounting
  • Suitability for use in concrete or other similar material

At Integra, our enclosures are tested regularly and meet UL-50 standards. According to UL, UL-50 is a more stringent standard than the UL-508 category of standards, which is widely referenced by other manufacturers. So, be aware of the difference, and always make sure that a manufacturer can guarantee a product meets standardized safety guidelines to ensure the integrity of your equipment and the safety to those working with your equipment.