Professional sports franchises and college athletic programs know how attached many of us have become to our smart phones and other wireless devices.


So, they’re installing Wi-Fi networks in their stadiums.


In a press conference last year, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called an audible to team management: Go wireless to deepen the fan experience.


Via this game-changing strategy, Integra Enclosures has entered the athletic arena.
We’ve teamed up with a new customer that specializes in Wi-Fi and antenna networks for major indoor and outdoor athletic stadiums and ballparks. Our polycarbonate enclosures protect each module of these networks—some 50 to 300 units per facility—to keep fans engaged in the game like never before.


Why did our customer choose Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures? Like a defensive lineman, our enclosures are tough and resilient. And like a skilled quarterback under pressure, they perform well and look good doing it.


Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures:

  • Resist impact better than stainless steel or fiberglass—in fact, four times more than fiberglass—enough to deflect a baseball.
  • Resist corrosion, even when directly exposed to the elements.
  • Resist the harsh ultraviolet radiation of the sun, season after season. UV rays decompose and weaken the fibers of fiberglass, giving it a chalky look. Polycarbonate stands strong. Its color stays as true as a die-hard fan.
  • Can be easily modified to accommodate wires for the unique design of each project. Polycarbonate drills easily and cleanly, without the harmful dust and splintering that fiberglass creates.
  • Add to the aesthetic appeal of a modern sports complex with an attractive, glossy finish. Again, the colors don’t fade and we can customize them to match a stadium’s or team’s color scheme.

Integra enclosures have already proven they can stand up to the rigors of a wide range of industrial settings. And now, off the clock, they’re helping people unwind and fully immerse themselves in the games and teams they love.