The Importance of Impact Resistance


When it’s time to acquire an enclosure, many purchasers don’t spend enough time considering impact resistance. Even though weathering impact from debris or other environmental conditions is a primary function of enclosures, we often expect our boxes to do this flawlessly without considering the wide range of materials and various levels of strength represented in the enclosure industry.

Many enclosures users are turning to polycarbonate as the enclosure material of choice because of its superior impact resistance — among many other benefits. Here’s a fun fact: Polycarbonate is 4 times more impact resistant than fiberglass (a common enclosure material).

At Integra, all of our enclosures are made out of polycarbonate and go through extensive impact resistance “testing.” What’s that mean? It means that we drop, smack, submerge, pummel and beat our prototype enclosures to make sure your box is ready to face whatever comes its way.


Whether you’ve got an enclosure weathering the salt and violent sea environment on an oil rig, enduring winds up on light poles, or facing the elements on diesel generators, your box has to be prepared to take a beating.

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