Watertight Enclosures Designed For Sealed Perfection


Having a watertight enclosure is essential for companies that have electronics housed in remote locations outdoors or submerged under water. Outdoor enclosures must repel dripping water, rain, snow and sleet that could potentially leak inside. Even greater demands are placed on enclosures designed for submersion for extended periods of time. Integra Enclosures® has built an exceptional nautical enclosure, as shown by its protection ratings and supported by a flawless design and careful choice of weatherproofing materials. Now, let’s dive into how these elements produce reliable watertight enclosures.


All of Integra’s enclosures have a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) rating of 6P or 4X. What do these NEMA ratings mean? Why are they important when purchasing an enclosure for your application? NEMA creates these standards to ensure consumers the designated type of enclosure will stand up to the elements it is supposed to withstand, if it is properly installed. Both 4X and 6P Types are built to handle various forms of precipitation.  The 4X Type shields the inside of enclosures from any form of water leaking inside, while the 6P Type is specifically designed for underwater functionality for prolonged periods of time. Both guarantee corrosion resistance and will not be damaged by external formation of ice.


For extra peace of mind, Integra has designed a remote terminal unit (RTU) system to help monitor your enclosure’s condition.  The RTUs have programmable logic controllers that regulate and monitor your enclosure. Information on tank levels, pump flow in the water distribution system and lift stations controlling wastewater elevations in treatment plants are some examples of the kinds of data continuously being observed. All of this data is collected and sent in a report to the facility’s operators and personnel via e-mail and phone alerts.


Finally, Integra has an exclusive line of polycarbonate enclosures. The polycarbonate material has proven to be the better material for enclosures compared to stainless steel and fiberglass, the reigning favorites in the industry. Polycarbonate is lighter, quicker and easier to modify and able to withstand greater impacts than fiberglass and stainless steel, to name a few of its advantages.


Wet or underwater sites are the most inhospitable places for sensitive electronics, so a high-quality enclosure that’s able to withstand the effects of the environment is essential. Integra designs some of the best watertight enclosures in the industry. From protecting underwater robotics to offering improvements over traditional enclosure structures, Integra is forging new innovations to provide enclosures that stand up to the harshest water or marine environments. To learn more about Integra’s line of enclosures contact us online or call (440) 269-4977.

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