How Weatherproof Enclosures Stand Up to the Most Demanding Applications

What’s it take to make an enclosure truly “weatherproof?” It’s not a designation the engineers at Integra take lightly.
NEMA enclosures are available in more than 20 standard types to meet a wide variety of needs across a range of industries. NEMA types are numerical, but a higher number does not necessarily mean “better” – especially with respect to how weatherproof an enclosure is. So while a number of grades may give the impression of sufficient weather resistance, Integra recommends you look for two specific grades for real weather protection:

  • 4X: Type 4 enclosures are “watertight,” meaning they withstand direct firing from a water nozzle at a short distance. The protection against hose-directed water is the characteristic that distinguishes a Type 4 enclosure from a Type 3 enclosure. Rain, sleet, snow and even ice are no match. Watertight enclosures are a sensible choice for severe outdoor locations, such as harbors. 4X enclosures add corrosion resistance. All enclosures offered by Integra maintain a NEMA 4X rating.
  • 6P: Type 6 enclosures are “submersible,” meaning that at least temporarily they can withstand complete, limited-depth submersion in water or oil. 6P enclosures can remain completely submerged for longer periods of time, though still not indefinitely. When properly installed, 6P enclosures offer the most complete protection of any type of enclosure designed for outdoor nonhazardous locations. This is why you’ll find them in the harshest conditions, such as in mines and sewers.

You can find 4X- and 6P-rated weatherproof enclosures in a number of different materials – so why choose polycarbonate? This thermoplastic has risen to the top of metal alternatives because of its demonstrated high performance in products such as bulletproof windows. It’s lightweight, easy to modify with accessories and cost-effective. Especially when outfitted with special leak detection units, our polycarbonate enclosures can be relied upon in marine environments, wastewater treatment plants and anywhere else the elements could put your electronic parts at risk.
Ultimately, the degree to which your enclosure is weatherproof is just one of a number of factors you should consider for your next purchase. The team at Integra Enclosures is happy to help walk you through the process. Contact us online or call us at (440) 220-5795 to find the proper enclosure for your application’s needs.

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